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Fully equipped practice rooms for physiotherapy practices

Renting is possible from 12 weeks!

Physiotherapists need the best equipment so that they can optimally guide their patients through their rehabilitation. Due to our knowledge of fitness equipment and our experience in setting up physiotherapy practices, we have been able to develop fully equipped practice areas from 20m2 to 100m2. The specially equipped rehearsal spaces will be installed fully ready for use and include a maintenance contract for 5 years. As a result, there will be no unexpected costs and your practice will always have fast response times.

No legal requirements have been laid down with regard to the furnishing of an exercise room. However, there are requirements with regard to group therapy that have been drawn up by the College Tarieven Gezondheidszorg (CTG) (College Tarieven Gezondheidszorg). On the basis of the requirements and advice of external organisations and our knowledge of physiotherapy practices, we have made this selection of equipment and materials. On the basis of this selection, we have set up various rehearsal rooms. Below you will find a number of floor plans of these fully equipped physiotherapy practices. The rooms shown are fully equipped rooms, individual adjustments are possible.

For the equipment of the fully equipped rehearsal rooms there are several possibilities; buying, renting or leasing. The lease prices shown are based on a contract of 48 months and are subject to approval of the lease. The rental prices are based on a fixed purchase of 3 months, thereafter terminable on a monthly basis.

Do you prefer to rent loose fitness equipment for physiotherapy?

Exercise room 1

Practice area 1: ±25m2

Room 1 is suitable for practice rooms of ±25 m2.

Rent per month € 756.00

Exercise room 2

Practice area 2: ±50m2

Room 2 is suitable for practice rooms of ±50 m2.

Rent per month € 1,434.00

Practice room 3

Practice area 3: ±75m2

Room 3 is suitable for practice rooms of ±75 m2.

Rent per month € 2,520.00

Practice room 4

Practice area 4: ±100m2

Room 4 is suitable for practice rooms of ±100 m2.

Rent per month € 2,376.00

Exercise room 5

Practice area 5: ±125m2

Room 5 is suitable for practice rooms of ±125 m2.

Rent per month €4,032.00

Practice room 6

Practice area 6: ±150m2

Room 6 is suitable for practice rooms of ±150 m2.

Rent per month €4,978

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  • Rentals from 8 weeks!
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  • Only the best fitness equipment!
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